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If I were king of this night, would you become my queen?

Saves The Day......was sooooo fucking good, I think they are so much better with Chris playing guitar, they just seemed to have so much more I love them, they are so awesome.....Emily is my new hero....she beats up boys....Some people made out infront of brent and 10 times, so after the tenth time, the people around us starting to notice the trend of the two love birds, so I thought I would take it apon myself to play with the guys ear while he was making out.....Once again Saves The Day, was wonderful....They played all the songs I wanted to hear, they played a new one!!!! and they mixed up between songs from stay what you are, and through being cool, and they played jessie and my whetstone, and take our cars now electric!!!!! god it was awesome!!! Oh Ya, on the way home Brent and I ended up in CT.....don't ask
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that was me n john making out. ha i wanted to go to that show but the girl that was gonna buy tix didnt get em :(. ah well. hey think you can still hook me up for tommorrow? hit me back g spot. 5083619590
note to all white trash boys: spitting in girls faces is NOT nice