Greg (reelbigstar) wrote,

have another drink and drive yourself home

I just got home from the movie life, brand new, orange island and the drive (formaly fake id) show. It was pretty sweet. It was so weird like being in the same room with brand new and the movie life just like chillin for 2 hours, brand new were kind of dicks, well just jesse mainly, he def thinks he is sweeter then he really is. The movie life was wicked cool, so was orange island, and brand news merch guy/tour manger was the man. It was pretty fun, I got to walk around and act like I was the man, I walked outside, and went in side a bunch of times before the show to look imporant haha, the show was sold out so that was pretty sweet, I didn't sell a boat load of merch, but money was made....anyhow I'm still looking for a girlfriend!!!!!
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