Greg (reelbigstar) wrote,

she burns

I saw Mike for the first time since he got out of boot camp, he is the man, I missed him alot, but now he is back.....I'm so happy for him, he is doing something with his life, thats more then I can say.......I found out tonight that Beav has a girlfriend now....what the fuck, beav has a girlfriend!!!! why don't I have one? I'm working on it though, cuz a broads got friends, and beavs broad has friends, so a good word here and there for greg, and bang in no time, I will have a girlfriend....I feel I need a girlfriend now, cuz if all goes as planned, I'm not gonna be around this summer.... Anyhow I need a girlfriend, so if you know anyone who needs a boyfriend, or if you, yourself needs a boyfriend (Girls only) just let me now, then we can set up an interview.......
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i see how it are replacing me...

(just kidding...i love you greg!)