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I let you get too close yeah, I let you get too close I've let You Get Too Close

My favorite line Was, "Can I call you sometime?" No matter, how hard I try
I just can't get you off of my mind

This weekend was pretty sweet.....Thursday: Brew and a Movie with john and Brent....This weeks eposide was Spiderman.....Friday: Fake Id show, sold alot of merch, it was a pretty good show....Saturday: Sold some knifes, Hung out with Beav, Steve and Matt Fun times haha....Sunday: Sat around and watched football all day.....Today: My last Knife salesman class, Then probably hanging out with Brent......

I really like the knife salesman job, but I think I can do way better finding a sales job, so I'm gonan keep this for a few months then start searching for bigger money
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